What Are Monofilament Wigs?

Monofilament wigs, unlike most wigs, are not made with cloth, but with a polyester or nylon material. It is into this material that the hairs are sewn. The monofilament wigs are used for women with sensitive scalps as they do not irritate the scalp like wigs with a cloth cap.

One Hair at a Time

The hair on the monofilament wigs are knotted by hand onto the nylon or polyester material. The hair is knotted into the material piece by piece.

Made to Match

Because the cap fabric is see-through, it blends naturally with the scalp. This wig also has a fitting in the back that allows the wearer to adjust it to her head.


Since the hair is placed on the wig cap strand by strand, the wearer can part and brush the hair in any direction and still achieve a natural look.


Monofilament wigs are more natural in appearance than most wigs. The material also prevents a build-up of moisture on the scalp by allowing the scalp to breathe.


Wigs were worn in ancient Egypt and the material that the wig was made out of denoted the social status of the wearer. Then, wigs were made from vegetable fibers, wool, as well as human hair.