What to Do for a Weekend Out With Your Wife

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Spending a weekend together can build and increase intimacy between a husband and wife. Regardless of whether you've been together for some time, have little ones, or are new to married life, it can be challenging to escape for a weekend amidst all your ongoing responsibilities. When you finally chisel a weekend from your busy schedules -- complete with a babysitter, if needed -- you want to be sure that you make the most of it, doing things that you both enjoy.

Wedding Bliss

If you're invited to someone else's wedding, consider turning it into a weekend getaway with your wife. If you don't already have a babysitter, try to get one. Then, during the wedding ceremony, put your arm around your wife and whisper some memories from your own wedding day into her ear. For example, tell her how you felt when you first saw how beautiful she looked in her wedding gown. Hold her hand and invite her to dance slowly with you throughout the evening. If possible, reserve the honeymoon suite at a local hotel to rekindle your own wedding night experience.

Leave it All Behind

Book a weekend at a local bed and breakfast or hotel, as this will give you a chance to get away from your daily life without having to travel far. Head out to your favorite restaurant for dinner or opt to stay in and order room service. Another option is recreating your first date. Go to the same restaurant and order the same meal that you did then. In the morning, enjoy breakfast in bed followed by a couple's massage to relieve stress and allow for complete relaxation.

Hide Away

If you have kids, arrange to send them to a relative's home for the weekend. Spend the weekend together alone in the comfort of your own home. Stock up on your favorite foods and turn off your computers and phone, only allowing contact with whoever is caring for your children. Watch your wedding video, look through your photo albums and reminisce about the romance, love and devotion that brought you together. Have a picnic in your backyard, camp out under the stars, or just snuggle up in front of the fireplace, depending on the time of year. The potential for joy and romance is endless -- as long as you keep the focus on each other and keep the mood light, forgetting your worries and problems for a couple of days.

New Experiences

Plan for a weekend that involves trying new things together. For example, if you're both curious about skydiving or hot air ballooning, include it in your weekend plans. Also try new restaurants and cuisines for your meals. Doing new things together can keep things interesting and are fun and exciting ways to connect, according to HelpGuide.org. Also set aside plenty of time for long conversations to catch up on each other's lives. Keep in mind that talking about your interests and future dreams can bring you closer and allow intimacy to grow, according to the PsychCentral article, "How Can I Improve Intimacy in My Marriage?"