Wedding Shower Decor Ideas for a Cruise Theme

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A cruise ship themed wedding shower is ideal for the bride who is going off on a honeymoon cruise. Even if she is not, a bride who enjoys travel will appreciate this creative theme. From the invitations to the the room decor to the buffet table, incorporating cruise ship elements will create and impressive party space that won't soon be forgotten.

Invitation Decor

Create invitations with a cruise ship theme. For example, the front of the invitation should have a picture of a cruise ship, or the sun deck on the ship in the background. If you don't want a whole ship, you could go for a more simple graphic such as an anchor or ship's wheel. Use cruise-related wording in the invitation as well, such as, "Set Sail for Lisa's Wedding Shower!" or "Cruise on over to the Lisa and Mike's wedding shower!"

Room Decor

Turn the party space into the sun deck of a cruise ship. Set up a wooden plank for the guests to walk on to get into the room. Place stacks of suitcases in different corners of the room and line up some lounge chairs along a wall. Hang life jackets or ship wheels on walls as well. Create a backdrop with a picture of a cruise ship on one wall or use it as a backdrop for photos. Set up classic cruise ship games in other areas of the room such as shuffleboard.

Table Decor

Use tablecloths in shades of blue to represent the ocean, and crisp white plates or those lined with blue trim. For centerpieces, you can fill a class bowl with sand and seashells, ideal if the bride will be going on a tropical cruise for her honeymoon. Another idea is to place bright yellow flowers in vases to represent sunshine on the sundeck. Tie white bows around the backs of the chairs to contrast with the blue tablecloths.

Buffet Table Decor

Serve a variety of international foods as they do on most cruise ships. If the bride will be cruising to a specific destination on her honeymoon, you could serve food from that particular country, or if there are multiple destinations, place the flags of the country next to the appropriate food. You could also serve a lot of seafood, as the cruise is on the ocean. Place miniature boats, and toy life floats around the food. For the shower cake, have one created with a ship on the water, and the words, "Bon Voyage!" written on it, or have the cake made in the shape of a cruise ship.