Wedding Renewal for 30 Year Anniversary Ideas

For a couple who has been married for 30 years, what better way to celebrate the milestone of the pearl anniversary than with a wedding renewal. Wedding vow renewals can be formal, informal, fun or serious. Whatever you do, make sure the vow renewal ceremony reflects who you are as a couple and the life you built together.

If You Didn't Have a Large Wedding Before

For couples who eloped or had a small informal wedding, celebrating the 30th anniversary with an extravagant vow renewal could fill a void that they may feel they have missed out on. The best part about such a vow renewal is that you you may actually be able to afford it when you probably couldn't 30 years ago. To hold a vow renewal with all the trappings of a traditional wedding will take some time and planning, so you will need at least six months to put it together. Plan as if you are having a traditional wedding, but make a few edits, such as no wedding party, or use children in place of the wedding party. Other edits would include writing your own vows, entering together instead of in a large procession, and having no pre-ceremony parties.

Destination Renewal

If you have been there, done that, with a traditional wedding, you may want to opt for a more intimate destination wedding. Vacation destinations such a Disneyland and Aruba, for example, have pre-set wedding renewal packages where you don't have to worry about planning. Just pick your package and invite your guests and show up. The packages usually limit the number of guests based on the package you choose.

Be Creative

There are no rules for having a vow renewal. Remember, this is not a legal ceremony. You are already married and anything you do is for ceremonial purposes only. You don't even need an officiant if you don't want one. Have your 10-year-old grandchild serve as the officiant. Make up a unique candle lighting ceremony, since a traditional one is about the joining of two families and that is already done. If you have decent voices (or not) sing your wedding vows. Be creative and make it personal.

What to Wear

While there are no strict rules for a vow renewal, you will want to look your best. As it is the pearl anniversary, the woman could wear a light-colored outfit dripping with pearls. Pearl earrings, pearl bracelets and long strands of pearl necklaces. If you don't have the real thing, purchase decent imitations or borrow some. The man of course would coordinate his outfit to go with hers. In other words, he will wear whatever she tells him to.