Unique Ways to Ask Her to Marry Me

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The idea of getting on bent knee for a fiance-to-be may leave you feeling both excited and anxious. After selecting the ring, you may wonder where, when and how to pop the question. The input of your family and friends can also help you fashion a unique proposal.

Proposals Involving Others

The adrenaline will be pumping when you ask her to marry you in front of others. Asking her the question over a romantic picnic at the beach or park may mean all eyes are on the two of you, according to "Marriage Proposals: 50 Romantic Ways to Propose," published by "The Knot." If you enjoy going to clubs, concerts and other venues together, talk to the management ahead of time about giving you the opportunity to propose on stage. You can also enlist family and friends, asking one person to deliver a flower every hour. Your helpers can each mention one thing you love about her. When you are ready to propose, everyone can join you as you present your beau with a final flower -- and an engagement ring.

Personal Proposals

If your girlfriend is reserved and prefers a private proposal, there are still several engagement opportunities. Placing her engagement ring among her usual jewelry or replacing her bookmark with a customized one asking the question may be ideal for a girlfriend favoring something low-key, according to the website of Pugh's Diamond Jewelers in Ohio. Replacing the message inside a fortune cookie with your own personalized question may also be a welcome surprise after dinner.

Alternative Proposals

Not every proposal happens in person. Creating a DVD or online video chronicling why you love her can create a surprising proposal for your girlfriend, according to "The Knot." Delivering the proposal by telegram or asking a movie theater to include your proposal in the previews can also make for a memorable beginning to your engagement. The tried-and-true scavenger hunt -- leaving small presents and clues toward finding you for the proposal -- can also make for an entertaining afternoon, according to the Kay Jewelers website.


Your girlfriend's interests may play the strongest role in how you propose. The avid reader may enjoy an illustrated book about your relationship, one that ends with the proposal, according to "Huffington Post." Writing the question on a baked dessert or displaying a painted picture of her ring when she enters the room can also set the tone for a creative bride-to-be. Though you may enjoy your proposal idea, talk to your girlfriend ahead of time about her proposal wishes. If popping the question is going to be a surprise, ask her family and friends to help you learn about her preferences.