How to Select Food for a Rave Party

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Select Food for a Rave Party. Since raves, or dance parties, tend to be all night affairs, you do not need to provide conventional food. You can select a few menu items that will give people energy and keep them at your party longer.

Select Food to Serve at a Rave Party

Keep things simple. No one expects dinner or appetizers at a rave, so don't worry about creating a huge menu. Offer just a few items that are easy to make and serve.

Select food that is served cold to keep people cool as the dance the night away. Shakes and icees are great at rave parties.

Base your food menu on fresh fruit. Whether served as a basic fruit cup or made into a smoothie, fruit provides natural sugar, creating energy. Easy to eat fruits like strawberries and grapes are perfect for a rave.

Serve popsicles to keep people cool in hot venues. These can be stored with the ice behind the bar. These inexpensive treats are hard to resist once one person has one.

Help keep the party frivolous by providing candy for people at the party. Lollipops and hard candy are popular at raves. Leave a few baskets on the bat, so people can grab a couple pieces when they buy drinks.

Keep the amount of food minimal so you do not have lots of waste at the end of the party. A rave is one of the few events where it is acceptable to run out of food before the party ends.

Skip anything that needs to be cooked. Hot food is the last thing anybody wants to eat at a dance party. Not to mention, you will save money by not having to hire servers and cooks.


  • Provide energy smoothies or protein bars at long events. People will pay plenty to get more energy to dance. Check local laws. In many cities, to get a cabaret license or liquor permit, you must serve some sort of food. Often pre-packaged food like cookies and brownies meet the requirements, while other cities require something that is cooked. Popcorn works well in those cases.

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