The Best Products for Roller Setting African Hair

by Zee Kay

African hair can be on the dry side, which makes it prone to breakage. Applying excessive heat from curling irons and blow dryers can cause the hair to become weaker, increasing the chances of it becoming dry. Roller setting is much gentler on the hair when done correctly and when using the best products.

Quality Hair Rollers

To roller set your hair without damaging it, you will need to use the proper rollers. Avoid rollers that have spiky textures that could snag your hair. Foam rollers are both safe and comfortable. Smooth barrel rollers are also a good choice for roller setting African hair. Use metal or plastic roller clips to secure your hair when you've rolled it.

Seamless Wide Tooth Comb

When roller setting your hair, use a seamless wide tooth comb to help part and comb through the hair. A seamless comb will not snag your hair; that's important because snags can cause breakage and split ends. A wide tooth comb is gentler on coarser hair types when it comes to detangling hair.

Wrapping Lotion

You can apply a wrapping lotion to sections of your hair just before you roll it up. The lotion will help the curls to set faster while providing conditioning, protection and moisture to your hair. Wrapping lotions can also provide body and sheen to the curls.

Silk Bonnet

If you are not sitting under the dryer to set your curls, you should cover your hair with a silk bonnet when you are done rolling the hair. A silk bonnet reduces breakage by preventing your hair from becoming snagged. A silk bonnet also allows airflow to the hair to help protect it as it dries properly.

Hair Serum

If your African hair is typically dry, dull or frizzy, try using a hair serum. Hair serums create a layer of protection over the hair strands and replenish it with moisture. This will make your roller set curls appear healthy, shiny and tamed.

Paddle Brush

You can choose among many brushes to use when brushing your hair before a roller set or after. A paddle brush is ideal because it works well on African hair. Paddle brushes are best for detangling hair. They have a soft cushion base, whichs make brushing coarser hair easier.

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