The Advantages of Hair Weaves

Hair weaves do more than simply add length. Women who want to experiment or add versatility to their hair can explore the different types of hair weaves. Whether you wear one for a special night out, or you wear one for an extended vacation, hair weaves are just another tool women can use to try different looks.


Hair weaves are made of human hair or synthetic hair. Human hair is hair that women have donated or sold. Synthetic hair is made of man-made materials and is usually less expensive than human hair. In general, synthetic hair is not recommended for full hair weaves; this type of weave doesn't move or bounce the way human hair does. Synthetic hair is best for clip-in pieces that women wear for short periods of time. Both human and synthetic hair weaves are available in many different colors, from those that are natural shades to bright shades such as green and blue.

Time Frame

Hair weaves can be worn for a day or for several weeks, depending on which type you wear. Clip-in weaves are meant to be temporary; women typically wear these when they want to add a streak of color or to add volume. Sew-in hair weaves are attached in wefts to a woman's hair that's braided to her scalp. This type of weave may last for a couple of months.


With a hair weave, you have instant length and volume. You also benefit from lower maintenance, as you don't have to do much to weave hair, especially if it's already curled the way you prefer, or colored. You can experiment with color, by using different weaves, without risking potential damage to your natural hair. You can try out different textures. Women with straight hair can wear curly hair weaves, and curly-haired women can try out straight weaves.


Think about what you want from a hair weave, whether it's length, volume or a different texture. For undetectable weaves, choose colors and textures that are similar to your own. Weave hair needs to be washed, but synthetic hair has a tendency to mat, so careful handling is necessary. When wearing a long-term weave, you still have to take care of your own hair with regular shampooing and moisturizing.


Avoid wearing heavy weaves, especially the sewn-in type. Heavy weave hair can pull on your hairline, leading to damage. Don't use flat irons or curling irons on synthetic hair; heat will melt this type of weave.