How to Tell Someone You Care About Them in a Letter or Poem

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Whether it's a relative, a close friend or one of your children, a heartfelt letter is one of the best ways to express your care for a loved one. When writing a letter or poem, you want to avoid flattery towards the other person and instead write it in a way that's sincere, thoughtful and humorous. Before writing the letter, it is a good idea to reflect on the ways in which you appreciate your loved one and why.

If the loved one is going through a difficult time, express your support in the letter. If your aunt just found out she has an advanced stage of breast cancer and is scared about her future, state in the letter that you're praying for her victory over this illness and that you'll do whatever needs to be done to ensure that she has the comfort she needs to get her through this illness.

If necessary, use the letter to apologize to a loved one you were at odds with. For example, if you were wrong for ignoring your best friend when he needed you because you were upset with him over a petty matter that could've been resolved, apologize to your friend in the letter and tell him that you do care about his well being. Also mention that from this point on you will show him more support and not let small disagreements come between both of you.

If you haven't seen the loved one in months, find out how he or she is doing when writing the letter. If you're writing a letter to your former college classmate who you helped while she struggled to leave an abusive relationship, write to her and ask how things have been going in her life since that relationship ended.