How to Sweet Talk a Man

by C. Giles

Sweet talking a man is all about basic conversational skills, which are actually very easy to follow. Despite this, many people - both men and women - find talking to the opposite sex a minefield. Sometimes nerves get in the way and all etiquette goes out of the window. By reminding yourself of the rules of conversation and putting them into practice on a regular basis, flirting will become easier.

Ask your man lots of questions to make him feel interesting. Pay attention when he replies and ask further questions to find out more about him. Make him feel like the most fascinating person you've ever spoken to, and he'll be putty in your hands.

Engage in the conversation. Give him plenty of opportunity to talk, but don't just fire question after question at him. Show how much you like talking to him by sharing information about yourself, in particular about things you have in common. Avoid dominating the conversation, which can seem arrogant and self-obsessed. Strike a balance between talking, asking questions and listening.

Appear enthusiastic and animated when you're talking to your man. Change the speed of your conversation and the tone of your voice to avoid coming across as bored or distracted. Maintain consistent eye contact, looking away briefly every so often to avoid making him feel like you are staring at him. Smile frequently.

Laugh at his jokes to show you appreciate his sense of humor and feel at ease in his company. Boost his confidence by acting as if he is witty and entertaining, which will make you both more relaxed and help conversation flow naturally.

Be aware of your body language, because sweet-talking a guy involves more than conversation. Keep your arms relaxed and by your sides rather than crossed, which can appear defensive. Make some light physical contact if it feels right, such as briefly placing your hand on his lower arm or brushing your elbow against his. Observe his reaction to your touch; if he blushes, smiles or leans toward you, you can be fairly confident that your sweet talking skills have hit the spot.

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