How to Be Flirty With Your Best Friend

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Knowing how to be flirty with your best friend can be the difference between losing someone close to you and turning a good friendship into a long lasting relationship. You can use a number of flirting techniques, but they have to be appropriate for your personal style and fit your relationship with your friend. You will still be taking a risk, but you can improve your chances of success and limit potential fallout by having a plan.

Risky Business

In her article, “The Friendship Foundation and Why It’s So Important” on YourTango, Denise LaFrance points out that relationships that begin as friendships are often stronger because they do not start off focusing on solely physical factors. There are risks, however, to converting from friend to lover -- most notably is that if done incorrectly, you can end up with neither. Before flirting with your friend, consider that he may not be interested in a romantic relationship. Be even more cautious if he is already dating or expresses interest in other women.

Save the Kisses

If you are comfortable taking the risk, then several flirting options exist. The key is to do so with your own personality in mind. For some women, obvious flirting techniques are natural. Remember not to be overtly sexual. In “Women Get Their Way: Flirting Improves Results for Women,” Rick Nauert, Ph.D., points out that authentic flirting works and is engaging but does not have an overtly sexual intent. Try looking at him, blink your eyes quickly and then touch his arm or hand. That will work much better than blowing him a kiss, because you can save face if he is not ready.

Subtlety Is Sexy

Subtle flirting techniques exist. Try biting your lip or lovingly caressing the stem of a wine glass, which will tell him that he could be doing this with you -- if he is interested. In his article, “How to Flirt and Seduce With Touch: Part One,” Jeremy Nicholson, Ph.D., points out that even a hug can be used to flirt. Alternatively, sit next to him with your shoulders or thighs touching him.

Find the Right Space

Now that you have the right technique for you, the key is finding the right place to make your move. In her article, “Three Places to Flirt” on YourTango, Anna Karimo points out that events are a great place to flirt because you have something to talk about. This is even better when flirting with a friend because you can choose a place you both enjoy and feel comfortable. So, flirt with him at a tennis match, if you both like tennis or at a bookstore, if you both love bookstores.