How to Find a Street Address Online

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Invitations, formal notes and Christmas cards are still usually sent through the mail, although we are seeing more online invitations than ever.

If you need to send a friend a Christmas card or birthday card this year, you may not even know their actual address. Here are some ways to find a street address online.

Write out the information you have.

Assemble the information you have about the person or persons you want to find a street address for. Use the land line telephone number, the nine-digit zip code, a street without the number, the full name of the person, or even the cell phone number.

Use your favorite search engine.

Enter the ten-digit telephone number. You may get the name, complete address and even the employment of the person you are trying to find a street address for.

Try again with Google.

Try another tactic if that one did not work. Use Google as your search engine. Enter the nine-digit zip code. This will probably give you the name and street address of the person.

Use alternate specialty sites.

Use whitepages and enter the person's name and any other information you have. See Resources below for a link. This should find the mailing address for your Christmas cards, birthday cards and invitations.

Check the street address in another database.

Go to peoplefinders if you have doubts that you have the correct person or the correct street address. See link in Resources below. This search engine usually includes members of the family so you can check to be sure you have the correct person and street address from this online database.

Look at other databases if necessary.

Find the person on public-records-now or Intelius free service. Once you find the correct person, with the middle initial of their name, etc. you can return to one of the other sites like whitepages and find the street address.

Mail cards to the street address found online.

Send your Christmas cards or birthday cards to the street address this year. They may never know you were able to find the street address online.