How to Store a Mink Jacket

by Melissa King
Keep your fur fluffy and clean with proper storage.

Keep your fur fluffy and clean with proper storage.

A silky-soft mink coat typically costs several thousand dollars, so if you own one, it makes sense to protect your investment. Unlike synthetic materials, fur and animal skin coats are very sensitive to humidity and extreme temperatures. A fur vault offers the perfect environment for storing mink coats, but if you'd rather keep your coat close by, you can store it at home instead.

Brush your mink coat off gently with your hand to remove any debris or dust before storing. If you don't do this, particles will settle into the fur and may cause the skin to crack.

Wrap the coat in a breathable cotton or silk garment bag before putting it in storage. Don't use a plastic bag; it will crush the delicate fur, and plastic does not allow the fur and skin to "breathe."

Hang the coat on a sturdy, wide-shoulder hanger. Never use flimsy plastic or metal wire hangers to hang your coat.

Store the coat in a dark, well-ventilated interior closet in your home. Do not put the coat too close to an exposed light bulb in the closet. The light can fade the fur over time.

Position the coat in your closet so it's surrounded by 3 to 4 inches of open space. Don't let other hanging garments press up against the coat.

Place cedar blocks or sachets in the closet to prevent moth damage. Do not use mothballs; their odor can transfer to the fur.

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Brought to you by LEAFtv

Items you will need

  • Cotton or silk garment bag
  • Wide-shoulder hanger
  • Cedar block


  • Take your coat to a furrier if it gets soiled or soaking wet. If the coat just gets a little wet, shake it off and let it air dry.
  • White mink fur sometimes turns yellow over time because of exposure to sunlight. If the yellowing bothers you, have a furrier apply a special bleaching agent to whiten the fur.
  • Have your mink coat stored by a professional fur vault if you'd rather not keep it at home. Look for a fur vault that stores coats between 34 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit and at approximately 45 to 55 percent humidity. The vault should guarantee protection from UV rays, pests and excess heat. It should also have adequate security, such as alarms or guards.


  • Do not store any type of fur coat in your attic or basement. The humidity levels and temperatures of these rooms may damage fur coats.
  • Do not spray the coat with any type of chemical insect repellant.

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