How to Spot Quick Divorce Scams

All over the Internet you can find plenty of scams looking to lure unsuspecting web users out of their money. When you're getting a divorce, you may want to go through the process as quickly and cheaply as possible. However, you should watch out for and learn how to spot quick divorce scams.

Look out for sites that advertise getting a quick divorce through a different country. Quick divorce scams often come out of foreign countries, like the Dominican Republic and other South American countries.

Beware of quick divorce scams that claim you don't need to leave the United States to get divorced. These scams claim that you only need to send them a set fee and they'll take care of the divorce proceedings. They may even send you a phony legal document stating the divorce went through.

Watch out for websites that claim you can get a quickie divorce in a couple weeks or less. Divorce proceedings usually take at least a few months due to mandatory waiting periods.

Spot quick divorce scams that use the Internet only to communicate with clients. If you're unable to meet with the lawyer face-to-face, then you should never give them money. You're most likely dealing with a divorce scam.

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