Signs a Married Man Is in Love With You


There are plenty of obvious signs that that married guy at work is in love with you, but what about the not so obvious signs? If you’re experiencing one or more of the following six signs, a married guy is probably in love with you...

Sign 1

You have blond hair, blue eyes, look like a Nordic princess, hostess at the Chili’s in Augusta, Georgia, and only see your boyfriend for a weekend in April.

Sign 2


Your Best Friend and co-worker is Linda Tripp.

Sign 3


The man in question apologized about getting you fired from the CBS intern program via a top 10 list on his late night talk show.

Sign 4


You threw the remote control through your flatscreen when Sandra Bullock won her Academy Award.

Sign 5


He has a petty cash fund for $4 million diamond rings that he buys for his wife after they coldly reunite.

Sign 6


The man in love with you also invented the Internet.