Signs That He's Not Going to Marry You

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While some men are content with dating their significant other for years, there comes a time when marriage seems the next logical step. However, if your man hasn't shown any interest in marriage, you may need to do research to figure out if he is going to propose. Men who do not want to marry exhibit signs, both subtle and overt. Taking time to carefully notice these may help you understand where your marriage future lies with your guy.

He Avoids the "M" Word

Communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is always a good indicator of how well a relationship is faring or what your boyfriend is thinking. If he is uncomfortable when the topic of marriage is brought up in a conversation or if he is constantly ducking questions about where he sees the relationship going in the future, this may mean he is not going to propose to you any time soon.

He Won't Introduce You to His Family

If you have been dating your beau for a long time and he still has not introduced you to his family yet, this could be a portent that he does not intend to marry you. He may wish to avoid the pitfall of allowing his relatives to bond with you to such a degree that they'll be just as hurt as you will when he decides that the relationship is over and that it is time to move on.

Relationship is Emotionally Unstable

Looks for patterns of emotional instability, which can be a strong indicator of where your relationship stands as far as marriage commitment is concerned. If your man is very affectionate and loving one day, then avoids you for several days afterward, there is a good chance that he is not ready for marriage.

No Interest in Your Family and Friends

A man who is interested in marrying is usually eager to win over your parents and friends. Forging strong bonds of affection is an important step in preparing the way for a successful marriage and blending the two families. If your boyfriend has been dating you for some time and has not even broached the subject of meeting your family or close friends, he is not likely to get down on one knee and surprise you with an engagement ring.