Signs of Falling Out of Love in a Relationship

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Not all relationships last forever. Distance, death and betrayal can tear a relationship apart. But sometimes one or both partners just fall out of love with each other. If you're not sure how you feel about your significant other any more--or you fear your loved one is falling out of love with you--look for the signs that affections are waning.


If the love is fading out of your relationship, you will notice that the contact between you and your significant other also begins to fade. Your phone conversations keep getting shorter and shorter and farther in between. The quantity and quality of text messages and emails to your partner diminish. And you even begin to spend less time together. You set up vague plans with your other half and the plans rarely come to fruition until you stop going out on dates all together. Even if you do see each other, the nights end early and no longer involve sleepovers.


When you're in love, you think about your significant other constantly. When you're not together, you daydream about him, you plan surprises for him and you get excited at the thought of seeing him later in the day. Your last date replays over and over in your mind, and it still brings a smile to your face. You might even reread his text messages or emails again and again. As you fall out of love, you stop this behavior. You might have plans with your partner that night, but he never crosses your mind throughout the day. Maybe you even forget that you do have a date with him.

The Future

You use to talk about the future with your significant other. You'd discuss the big things such as what type of wedding you'd have, how many children you wanted or the type of house you'd buy. You'd also plan vacations, buy tickets to concerts a couple months in advance or make arrangement to spend the holidays together. If you're falling out of love, you'll stop talking about the future and making future plans. This can be conscious or subconscious. Suddenly you only want to discuss where you're going to eat dinner tonight or what movie you want to see Friday night.

The Opposite Sex

Men and women in relationshipx still notice attractive members of the opposite sex even if they're in a happy, loving relationship. But when you're falling out of love, you begin to take more notice of these attractive people. You may even begin to daydream or fantasize about them--what would it be like to go on a date with someone else, sleep with someone else or be in a relationship with someone else. This doesn't mean you want to cheat or that you will cheat, just that your mind and heart have already left your current relationship and you're looking for a new partner.