Signs of Adultery

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Sometimes it's hard to tell if your spouse is cheating on you or if you are just being insecure. However there are ways to tell that something is amiss. Pay close attention to your spouse's daily habits and, if something seems wrong, follow your instincts and investigate further or confront your spouse. Chances are, if you have a gut feeling something is wrong, then something is wrong. Keep an eye on your spouse and see if anything tips you off.


Your spouse's behavior may change if she is cheating on you. If she acts nervous, this is a bad sign. If things change, such as where he keeps his cellphone or where she keeps her purse, this may mean something is going on. Frequent trips out of the house that aren't usual are a bad sign. If he wants more or less sex than usual, something is up. Cheating spouses sometimes want to have more sex with their spouse to alleviate guilt, or they could go the opposite direction and not want to have sex at all.


Sometimes a new person can have an effect on the way people dress and take care of their appearance. If your husband has suddenly started caring about his hair and hygiene in a way he didn't before, this can be a sign of cheating. If your wife is wearing a totally different style of clothing and fixing her hair differently all of a sudden, pay attention to this. Removal of the wedding ring is a definite bad sign. Buying new underwear or lingerie or dressing up more can warrant your attention. Any unfamiliar smells on your spouse, such as perfume or cologne, should be followed with some questions.


Money is a big factor if your spouse is having an affair. Chances are, he is having to spend money to send gifts to his mistress without you knowing. If he has opened another bank account or gotten a new credit card recently, this could mean he is seeing someone else. If money is gone without explanation, this is a bad sign. If your husband used to put more money into your savings or checking accounts and it isn't happening anymore, check into this.


A cheating spouse may seem distant. She may not want to spend time with you like she did before, and you may feel her starting to withdrawal. He may miss family outings or dinners and not want to be included in the family unit as much. Guilt can cause a cheater to pull away from close family and even friends. You may not be getting your husband's time as much as you used to and, when he is around, he may not seem fully present. Perhaps he's occupied with his cellphone, spending too much time on the Internet, or acting so odd you can't enjoy him. Follow these feelings up with some hard questions.