How to Show Your Feelings to a Girl

by Kristen Moutria

If you like a girl, you want to show her your feelings. You might also be nervous that she does not feel the same. It is important that you make the moment where you reveal your emotions special. If she does like you, you never want her to forget the moment you told her about your love. Remember that taking a chance on a romantic relationship is worth the risk and could be rewarding in the end.

Find a private place the two of you can talk. It is essential that when you are expressing the way you feel, you do so in a place where others are not around to overhear or make her feel uncomfortable. Although you may not care who knows, she may prefer such a vulnerable moment be spent in your company alone. You may ask her to meet you at a coffee shop where the two of you can get a secluded table, or a park where you can walk together. This could be the place the two of you make the decision to date, so make the location special.

Tell her what you like about her. What makes her stand out from all others? Perhaps she has a smile that caught your eye or a talent that blows you away. This might be a scary step. You are putting your heart on the line by being open with her, but vulnerability is an inevitable part of relationships, according to Emma Seppala, associate director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University. Without openness and risk, you will never know whether she has the same feelings for you.

Observe her response. After you have spoken, observe her body language and listen to how she feels. The most important sign of attraction is mutual eye contact, according to Beverly Palmer, professor emeritus of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills. If she has been looking into your eyes, she most likely wants to connect. If she says she would love to get to know you, then she wants a relationship as much as you do. If she has not been looking you in the eye and shuts down, walks away or tells you she does not have feelings for you, it is time to recognize the two of you do not have a future.

Talk about the future. After you discover she has feelings for you, discuss what you would like to happen. Perhaps you would love to get into a relationship immediately. You might be more comfortable waiting and go on a few dates before becoming serious. Whatever you do, knowing she feels the same way is exciting, inspiring and special.


  • Be romantic when you let her know how you feel. Play her favorite song in the car as you drive to a special spot where you will express your feelings, or choose a place she loves to get together.


  • If she rejects you, do not pressure her into changing her mind. Move on and recognize that one day you will find someone.


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