Short Military Mohawk Hairstyles

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Though a military haircut has historically been considered more of a matter of decorum or obligation than a fashion or style, lately certain kinds of military haircuts have become chic. One such style is the military Mohawk. Plenty of professional athletes, movie stars and other characters of popular culture have endorsed this haircut full force and, in recent years, it has evolved into a variety of styles and forms.

Can a Mohawk Be Military Styled?

According to Army dress code, "Extreme, eccentric, or trendy haircuts or hairstyles are not authorized." The passage goes on to elaborate on how dying hair unnatural colors is prohibited. Of course, this is just for the U.S. Army, not the Armed Forces in general. But like the Army, the Air Force, Navy and Marines prohibit extreme, flamboyant styles. Though what is extreme or eccentric is, at the end of day, going to be appraised subjectively and individually. Hence there is room for a military sanctioned Mohawk; however, it must be completely different from a punk-rock style.

Caesar-Type Mohawk

The Caesar cut is one of the most well-known military hairstyles in history. Recently there has been a Mohawk version of it. It is basically the classically-styled Caesar, but combed into a worn-down faux-hawk style, a kind of Mohawk in which the sides are not shaved, just trimmed down. Do this by simply combing and/or gelling the hair to rise up at the center. The length of a Caesar cut, of course, is perfectly acceptable to military standards.

The Military Frohawk

The "frohawk" is a hairstyle that has grown in popularity recently -- singer Kanye West had one. It is, basically, a Mohawk cut from an Afro, a popular African American haircut, with the sides and the hair cut down short or faded.

Flat-Top Style Mohawk

The flat-top is a tried and true military haircut, and it has recently adapted to be more Mohawk-like. For this style, simply shave or buzz down the sides, leaving about 80 percent of the scalp longer and in a widened Mohawk shape. The wrestler John Cena wears his hair in this style.

Basic Mohawk

The basic Mohawk, popularized by punk rockers in the 1970s and 1980s, could be tweaked to a more military-friendly style. To do this, simply cut down the Mohawk part so its an acceptable length -- no more than 1.5 inches off the scalp. Do not dye the hair any flamboyant color or shade. Keep it natural, and it will be sufficient.