Short Haircuts for Thin or Fine Hair Types


0:04 hi everyone I'm hairstylist Amanda

0:07 shackleton from Amanda Shackleton comm

0:09 and I'm here to show you a cut that

0:12 works really well on hair that's fine

0:15 and thinning I think it's important when

0:17 you have very fine hair that you have to

0:20 realize the extent of which you can grow

0:23 the length of your hair and a lot of

0:24 women try to grow their hair too long

0:26 and it ends up weighing their hair down

0:29 and actually making them look like they

0:31 have less hair than they do

0:32 so I usually prefer this kind of length

0:36 for the hair not to really let it get

0:38 past the shoulders once it starts

0:40 getting past the shoulders it starts to

0:42 look a little bit undone so it's nice to

0:45 kind of keep it a little bit on the

0:47 shorter side I always suggest a classic

0:50 bob I think a classic bob is beautiful

0:52 you can have it a little bit angle to

0:53 the front you could have it a little bit

0:55 choppier you can have it a little bit

0:57 more layered and in fact if you do have

1:00 fine or thinning hair it's nice to layer

1:02 your hair up a little bit because it'll

1:04 give you an extra little bit of body so

1:07 this is the style I've done for fine

1:09 thin hair I think it works really well

1:11 on a lot of people it's just up to your

1:13 hairstylist to kind of make it their own

1:16 and work it to the best advantage to

1:19 your hair type I'm Amanda Shackleton and

1:21 I'm a hair stylist