How to Know if She Still Loves Me

by C. Giles

In a long-term relationship, romance can be overlooked. It's easy to take a partner for granted when work, children and the stresses and strains of life get in the way. When the honeymoon is over, declarations of love may be few and far between. If you are concerned about the extent of your partner's love, a little detective work should help establish how she truly feels.

Think about the last time your partner told you she loved you. If it was recently, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. If it was several months ago -- or so long ago that you can't remember -- consider additional factors.

Consider how her family and closest friends treat you. Those people are likely to be the ones she shares her secrets with. If they treat you with warmth, kindness and respect, this is a good indication that your partner is happy with you.

Think about how your partner treats you. If she surprises you with gifts, writes you romantic letters, cooks your favorite meals and pays you compliments, you can be sure of her feelings for you.

Look at your partner. If she makes an effort with her appearance when she spends time with you, regularly asks what you think of her hairstyle or outfit and reacts with pleasure when you compliment her, you can be sure that her feelings for you are still strong.

Observe your partner when the two of you are in public. If she enjoys your company and only has eyes for you, this is a clear sign of her feelings for you.

Tell your partner you love her and see how she responds. Ask your partner outright if she still loves you.The truth may be difficult to hear, but at least you will know for sure.

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