Red Velvet Cupcakes With Chocolate Buttercream Frosting


0:06 hi my name is Portia Kimball your cake

0:09 diva and today I'm going to talk about

0:10 red velvet cupcakes with chocolate

0:13 buttercream frosting red velvet cupcakes

0:15 with chocolate buttercream frosting is a

0:17 little bit different than the norm we're

0:19 all used to red velvet cupcakes with

0:21 cream cheese frosting what some people

0:23 don't realize is that red velvet is an

0:25 actual chocolate cake when you are

0:27 making red velvet you add in red food

0:30 coloring to get that red color that you

0:32 need to create red velvet but there's

0:34 nothing wrong with using chocolate

0:36 buttercream on top of it because if you

0:38 think about it and you break it down

0:39 it's actually chocolate on top of

0:41 chocolate so I have a red velvet cupcake

0:43 I have some chocolate buttercream and

0:46 we're just going to add that on to our

0:47 cupcake

0:55 you