Proper Storing of Single Malt Scotch

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If you're springing for a good bottle of single malt Scotch, you'll want to make sure you're storing the whisky properly. Fortunately, it doesn't require purchasing extra equipment, as wine does. And, yes, it's correct to spell whisky without an "e" in reference to any kind of Scotch, whether it's single malt, blended or any other variety of the Scottish-made spirit. A single malt differs from blended varieties in that it's produced at one distillery in one batch and meant to be enjoyed plain, without anything added. However, the storage methods for all Scotches are the same.

Avoid Temperature Extremes

Don't store your bottle of single malt sideways in a rack or a special cooler as you might with wine. Wine matures in the bottle, but Scotch has already done all of its aging before being bottled. Stand the Scotch straight up on a shelf, away from direct sunlight, and keep it at room temperature -- around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't let it get too cold or hot, because this affects taste. It won't spoil outside the room temperature range, but storing a single malt at cold or hot temperatures can diminish the flavor of the whisky, which is best served neat, without ice, unlike some other types of Scotch which may be used in cocktails.