Professional Hot Rollers for Waist-Long Hair


0:05 hi everyone I'm hairstylist Amanda

0:07 shackleton and you can find me at NY

0:09 bridal beauty calm and today we're going

0:12 to be doing a demonstration on how to do

0:15 hot rollers in long hair so just a heads

0:18 up these are a great way to get a really

0:20 beautiful quick hairstyle in about 40

0:24 seconds and all you do is take a section

0:27 of hair take a take a section that's

0:28 about an inch long give it a little shot

0:32 of hairspray give it a brush through one

0:35 more time grab a hot roller I usually

0:39 like to use a hot roller that's a little

0:41 bit smaller than the curl that I want

0:42 because with long hair what happens is

0:45 the weight of the hair will actually

0:47 cause the curl to fall so you want to be

0:50 careful not to put too big of a roller

0:52 in there it'll fall out very quickly

0:53 okay so what you like what I like to do

0:56 just go ahead and set the rollers back

0:58 in the direction of the face off the

1:00 face and then I'm gonna do a couple more

1:03 right here facing them back just rolling

1:08 the hair around the roller like that

1:10 bringing it back pinning it or clipping

1:14 it with whatever kind of clips you have

1:16 let's do one more just wrap it like that

1:23 you can just wrap it really quickly it

1:24 doesn't have to be perfectly wrapped

1:25 because it's gonna it's just gonna come

1:27 out as a messy loose wave anyway we're

1:29 gonna give it one more pin take your

1:35 hairspray give it one nice shot a

1:38 hairspray and there you go

1:41 I just showed you how to curl hair with

1:44 hot rollers this is Amanda Shackleton

1:46 I'm a hair stylist