Prayers for a Wedding Couple

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Offering up a prayer for a wedding couple is a long-held tradition in many cultures, religions and ethnic backgrounds. Prayers are usually said during the wedding ceremony, though others are offered during the reception program. At the ceremony, the wedding officiant is usually the one who prays for the bride and groom, while the parents, relatives and friends commonly deem it more appropriate to offer up their prayers and well-wishes at the reception.

Prayer for Thanksgiving

Pray for thanksgiving, especially for the couple's wedding day. Offer up thanksgiving for bringing them together, blessing them with love for each other, and for allowing this special day to come to pass for the both of them. Say prayers for thanksgiving as well, for the future life they will share together, anticipating the many blessings they will receive from henceforth.

Prayer for Prosperity

Offer up prayers for wealth and good fortune, wishing the newlyweds a financially or materially blessed life. Pray that their marriage be always filled with abundance; that they may always have food on their table, a shelter to come home to, and honest work to provide for their family's needs.

Prayer for Good Health

Say a prayer for good health, that the couple be far from illnesses or any harm that may pose health risks. The prayer for good health also typically extends to the couple's families: for their parents so they can give the newlyweds good guidance and advice, for their friends so they can lend the couple helping hands, and for their future children so they can give delight to their parents.

Prayer for Children

Pray that the couple be blessed with children to enrich their lives, increase their joy, make them proud, and take care of them in their old age. Ask that they be blessed with good children who will be obedient to them and bring honor to the family. Pray also that the couple acquire enough wisdom to guide their children as they raise them to be good, kind and compassionate individuals.