Perfect Food for a Daughter Father Banquet

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The perfect food for a daughter-father banquet is appealing to both kids and adults. It's also important that the food be relatively mess-free, as the banquets tend to be semi-formal or formal affairs. Spending the entire banquet worried about staining an expensive new dress is far from fun for fathers or daughters. However, you don't have to blow everyone's diets to provide tasty tidbits. Add healthy twists to the food, such as replacing regular salad dressing for light dressing, to ensure guest don't end up with bloated tummies after the celebration.


Light appetizers keep guests from growing too hungry while waiting for the daughter-father banquet to start. Selecting light appetizers also helps prevent everyone from filling up before the real dinner starts. Cantaloupe balls wrapped in smoked ham and secured with a toothpick are not only tasty appetizers, they're simple enough for kids to help make. Cherry tomatoes topped with basil cream cheese are quick to create and lend a sophisticated look to the event. Celery sticks stuffed with faux crab salad have an indulgent flavor, but are still budget-friendly.


Creating low-cost, delicious, healthy entrees for a banquet usually translates into using chicken in the meal, as chicken costs less per pound than lean beef. Baked chicken breasts lightly sprinkled with dry ranch dressing mix add a zesty kick when served over split baked potatoes. Baked chicken breasts seasoned with garlic powder and lightly glazed with apricot marmalade add a little sweet to the main dish without adding unwanted fat. Serve the chicken over mixed brown and wild rice for a hint of nutty flavor.


Include vegetables in banquet side dishes, as it's the easiest place to slip the extra nutrients into the menu. Green beans almondine lightly sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese helps the dish look more appealing to daughters and fathers. Quick-baked baby carrots tossed with light Italian salad dressing have a tangy flavor enhanced by baking, but they taste best when you remove them from oven right before they start to lose that refreshing carrot crunch. Toss dried cranberries and chopped walnuts into a spinach salad mix for a colorful vegetable dish.


Offer a mix of healthy and rich desserts so that daughters can have sweets, while any father on a special diet can also have a small treat. Serve chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting or vice versa -- the individual cakes are always popular with little girls. Oatmeal-raisin cookies with a light drizzle of icing satisfies a sweet-tooth without overdoing the fat. Sprinkle fresh raspberries and strawberries over vanilla pudding for a twist of tart flavor, or sprinkle the berries over vanilla yogurt to cut down on the sugar.