How to Obtain a Haitian Marriage Certificate

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Obtaining a Haitian marriage certificate can make the difference between verifying your marriage and receiving the advantages of marriage and not being able to provide for your loved ones. With a marriage certificate, you can give your spouse health insurance or consent, if your loved one dies or becomes incapacitated. In addition, with a marriage license, you can divide your property if you and your partner decide to divorce. Knowing how to obtain your Haitian marriage certificate can help make your life easier.

Gather the necessary documents and visit your local Haitian consulate. You will need a valid passport, a health insurance card, your American marriage certificate and a Haitian identity card. There are Haitian consulates in all of major cities in your state, such as New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and Miami.

Ask for, fill out and sign the "Demande de Recherche d'Extrait d'Acte de Mariage aux Archives Nationales" application. The application will ask you to provide your name, address, birth date and other personal information that pertains to your marriage.

Submit the application and the documents. The receptionist will photocopy your documents and hand them back to you. After the application is accepted, you must pay the required fee. The fee for your marriage licenses may differ city to city, but it will cost you no more than $150. You can use check, debit card or credit card.

Wait for the payment to go through, and then obtain your receipt. The receptionist will give you the marriage certificate.