How Much Does a Casket Cost?

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Purchasing a casket is an emotional time for the family of the deceased. You want to purchase an appropriate and dignified casket for your loved one, yet money can still be an issue.

Casket cost

The average casket in the United States costs around $2,000, according to US Funerals Online. There are expensive bronze and copper caskets available which may run more than $10,000.

Funeral cost

Some funeral homes will charge an overall fee for the funeral, casket and vault. Grave spaces are typically not included. The average total cost for a funeral is about $7,775. Graveside costs may run you another $1,500.

Buying a casket

Most caskets are made from woods, metals or plastics. You will want to consider visual appeal and size when searching for a casket, as well as price. Some caskets are handsculpted and feature glass or satin finish to make it more attractive. No casket, no matter how much you spend, can preserve the body forever.