Men's Wallet Styles

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The right style of wallet can make life a little easier. An important consideration when selecting a wallet is functionality. Think about what you need to carry in your wallet and how much you need to use it. The wallet material is also important. Leather stands up to hard use, while a nylon wallet is an option for casual use. There are many different styles in men’s wallets, so check them out before purchasing.


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The bifold wallet is a classic option that folds in half and has two sections. It holds paper money, has slots or pockets for credit cards and usually a clear identification-card window. Popular colors in leather are shades of brown, burgundy and black.


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The trifold wallet folds twice and has three parts. It is slightly narrower and smaller than a bifold. There are slots for credit cards, places for cash and a clear ID window. It is functional, fashionable and usually fits in a shirt front pocket.

Card Holder Wallet

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These wallets are for the guy with lots of credit cards. They have double the card slots of a regular wallet. Card holder wallets are slightly larger than a regular bifold.

Zip-Around Wallet

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This wallet has a zipper closure for added security and is popular with men who work in construction. The zipper keeps the items inside clean and free from dust. There are credit card slots, a rear zipper compartment for coins and a place for cash.

Accordion Wallet

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This is also a zip-around style wallet, but the inside center has an accordion-file section. It holds credit cards, folded bills and identification.

Wallet With Chain

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This wallet comes with a chain that fastens to clothing for added security. The wallet has two snaps to close it. Often embossed with designs, these wallets are popular with the biker crowd and young men.

Money Clip Wallet

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This looks like a typical wallet but is thinner because there is no bill compartment or side pocket. It holds only the bare essentials. There is a money clip in the center of the wallet for holding bills, and credit card slots on each side.

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A checkbook wallet is great for traveling and holds everything a man needs. It has places for a checkbook, pen, cash and credit cards. A passport wallet has a long vertical section that holds documents, such as a passport, credit cards and cash.

Designer Wallets

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Expensive designer wallets are popular with men who enjoy a little luxury. Gucci, Dior and Louis Vuitton all produce wallets with their logos monogrammed on nylon, canvas or leather. Cartier and Prada are popular designers of luxury wallets.