Meals Using a Smoked Sausage

by Julie Christensen

Smoked sausages are a boon for busy moms because they're already cooked, cutting dinner prep time down substantially. These sausages add a smoky flavor to chili, casseroles, egg dishes or even sauteed fruit. Best of all, kids generally relish smoked sausage meals.

Recipe Ideas

Try smoked sausages with sauteed cabbage or potatoes for a quick and hearty dinner. Pair sausage with sauteed apples, brown sugar and cinnamon for a breakfast dish. Smoked sausages work well grilled, in salads with a creamy dressing, soups and stews. Use them as the meat in chili or pasta dishes. Pair sausage with mushrooms and peppers on homemade pizza or make a savory breakfast bread pudding with sausage, eggs and maple syrup.


Smoked sausage comes in a variety of sizes, from small appetizer-size bites to sausages that are more than a foot in length. Cut large sausages into small pieces before serving them to young children, who may choke on larger pieces. Turkey and chicken sausages are available as an alternative to the more traditional beef and pork.

Safe Handling

Smoked sausages are precooked so they are safe to eat straight from the package. However, they'll taste better if they're reheated, unless you're using them in a cold salad or sandwiches. Use smoked sausages within two weeks of purchase, but no more than seven days after the sell-by date. Use opened smoked sausages within seven days.


Look for specialty sausages at grocers and warehouse stores that contain apples, chili peppers or cheese. These varieties add even more flavor to a smoked sausage meal. Freeze sausage in heavy-duty wrap for up to six months. Try Cajun sausages in gumbo or shrimp dishes.

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