How to Have Your MAN Thinking Of YOU ALL DAY


Ladies ... when your Man leaves for work, do you give him a peck and say "See you later hunny".. Do you do this in your pj's?? Or maybe you sleep in while he leaves??? How may times do you wonder, Does he look at the girls on his way to work, at lunch, in the office?? Here are a few things to keep his mind on YOU!! All through out the day♥

You need to stop everything you have been doing in the mornings. These are some simple steps to keep your MANS MIND on YOU♥ First thing you must do is wake up before him, at least 20 minutes. This will depend on how long these steps will take you.

Now that you are up before your man, brush/comb your hair.. Get rid of that bed head. Oh while your in the bathroom, brush your teeth too.

Next get out of them pjs you slept in all night. You know they aren't attractive. Put on something that does not look like you raided your grandmas dresser.

Do you wear makeup?? Well then get dolled up! If you do not, it is ok. Pinch your cheeks a few times.. Maybe add some lip balm.

If you can, add a note (and a photo)to his briefcase and or lunch. Just a note stating how you are thinking of him and can not wait to see him when he returns home!

Now he is awake, and wondering what are you doing up? Tell him "Hunny I will miss you today!" He is not really hearing you because he is looking at you.. Yeah , he is looking at YOU! Kiss him goodbye. Ask him what he would like for dinner tonight? If he is liking what he sees, do not worry about dinner... He is going to take you out for dinner! No not every day will be the same, spice up each morning with something a little different. Make him breakfast once and a while. Not every day, don't want to spoil him!!

Now if you both have cell phones, call or text him at his lunch time. Just to say Hi, I miss you. Send him a photo from your cell, Smile! He is so rushing to get home♥

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