Making Tungsten Rings

What is Tungsten?

Tungsten is an elementary metal which has found many uses in industry and our daily lives over the years. It's typically found in natural ores such as wolframite in mines all over the world. Tungsten is extremely heat resistant, having the highest melting point of all non-alloy metals in the world. This makes it perfect for jobs in high energy or high electricity environments. The filament in incandescent light bulbs are most commonly made from tungsten thanks to their ability to hold shape at such high temperatures. Though about as tough as steel when pure, when combined in a compound such as tungsten carbide, it's nearly indestructible. As a result it's used for drill heads in major mining and oil drilling as well as other high-stress work.

What are Tungsten Rings?

Tungsten rings are a decorative affectation which are becoming more popular with men throughout much of the world. Such rings are taking the place of class rings and wedding bands thanks to their durability. They should not be mistaken for being made from pure tungsten, as they're really tungsten carbide. This compound, once shined, will never dull, scratch, rust, or discolor. It's also completely hypo-allergenic. The reason for their popularity is as much an issue of symbolism as practicality. Gold wedding bands have a tendency to deform over time. One made from tungsten-carbide will not, giving the impression that the marriage union which the ring represents will endure as well.

How are Tungsten Rings Made?

Ground tungsten and carbon are poured into a metal die cube containing a ring mold. The mold is subjected to high pressure to push the powder together into a solid ring blank. The blank is then fired in an oxygen-powered furnace at temperatures exceeding 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Only at this obscenely high temperature will the blank's component elements intermingle and solidify as one. Once cooled, any burs or extra metal is removed with high-powered diamond edged saws. Diamond powdered files and sanders are then used to polish the ring until it shines. With this done the ring is ready to be worn. It should be noted that since such rings cannot be re-sized, each one must be constructed to order if it's to be a perfect fit.