Make It: Spiderweb Garland

Kids love the ancient art of origami. Kirigami takes it up a notch by adding in cutting work (which is great for building fine motor skills). Follow our step-by-step instructions below to make some basic kirigami spiderwebs with the kids in Halloween colors. Then string them together to make a bold and colorful garland.

For this project you will need:

  • 6″ x 6″ origami paper in Halloween colors
  • Scissors
  • Clear polyester thread
  • Needle

Start by folding your paper in half from left to right.

Next, fold the paper in half again from bottom to top.

Unfold the paper, orienting the folded edge towards you.

Bring up the bottom right corner (labeled B) to meet the top edge of the paper and crease.

Next, bring up the bottom left corner (labeled A) and crease.

Cut off the top corners, so that you have a triangle.

Fold the sides of the triangle together to make a skinnier triangle.

Now it’s time for the cutting. Use scissors to cut an arch into the top of the triangle.

Cut three more thick arches into the triangle, be sure not to cut the side of the fold.

This is what your triangle should look like when you’re done cutting.

Unfold your spider web.

Finally, use the needle and polyester thread to string up the spiderwebs into a garland.

Hang on your mantle with some tape and enjoy!

Image credits: Stephanie Morgan