Little Mermaid Bridal Shower Ideas

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Disney's 1989 animated film "The Little Mermaid" tells the story of Ariel, a feisty mermaid who falls in love with a handsome prince. The film's lush animation, haunting score and timeless love story has remained popular with audiences, and weddings inspired by this classic fairytale are on the rise. A "Little Mermaid" bridal shower sweeps guests away with romantic decorations, delicious food and sweetly silly games.

Part of Your World

While Disney party materials featuring "The Little Mermaid" abound at party supply stores, a bridal shower calls for a more sophisticated and grown-up interpretation of the theme. Use the colors of South Seas pearls as your guide and pick a color palette composed of warm golds, pinks and lavenders, as well as luminous light blues and greens. Raid the clearance section at fabric stores for inexpensive taffetas or satin blends to use as shimmering table coverings, and don't worry about having enough for matching tablecloths. A mixture of colors gives the room an eclectic vibe. A small pile of sand dotted with seashells and crowned with a pillar candle makes an easy, elegant centerpiece.

Under the

While a "Little Mermaid" bridal shower could certainly serve up seafood favorites like lobster bisque and grilled shrimp, you can also give a nod to the story's other famous teller, the Danish author Hans Christen Andersen. Danish cuisine provides the makings of an elegant bridal shower buffet; serve miniature open-face sandwiches on pumpernickel and rye bread, split-pea soup topped with smoked ham, frikadeller (meatballs covered in gravy) and salad. For dessert serve kransekake, which is a cake formed from 18 rings of almond-flavored meringue covered with a light glaze. While the towering finished cake looks daunting, it is easily made the day before your shower and can be served with fresh fruit and whipped cream. Dust the cake with pearlescent edible glitter in South Seas pearl shades once the glaze has set to tie the cake to your decor.

Kiss the Girl

When Ariel washed up on shore after becoming a human, the only attire at her disposal was made of ship's sails and rope. Put similar materials to work in a challenge that divides guests into teams tasked with creating a bridal look out of white bed-sheets, rope and crepe-paper seaweed. Cut out green seaweed fronds out of construction paper and tape the leaves to strips of green crepe paper prior to the event. Set the timer for 5 to 10 minutes, then have the bride judge the looks when time runs out. Give out awards for the most wearable ensemble (Part of Your Wardrobe), most creative use of materials (Les Fashions) and the least successful outfit (Poor Unfortunate Robe).

Les Poissons and Other Favors

Send guests home with an ocean-inspired gift that can fit almost any budget. Purchase plastic chocolate molds in seashell shapes and make your own nautical nibbles. Coating the molds with edible pearlized powder before you pour in melted chocolate gives the finished candies a shimmering finish. Tuck the chocolates into a small cardboard box and tie with raffia ribbon. Include a note with appropriate lyrics from "The Little Mermaid" or a ocean-themed sentiment from another famous love-struck heroine, Shakespeare's Juliet: "My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite."