List of Items to Purchase for a Wedding

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In order for your wedding day to run smoothly, it's a good idea to write a checklist of everything that needs to happen before the day arrives. One of the most important lists is an itemized sheet of everything that needs to be purchased for that day. These items can be broken into different categories, with the main ones being decorations, food, clothing and lastly, any miscellaneous items that don't necessarily fall under the other categories.


The decorations are among the most important details of a wedding. Of course, food and the dress and tux are important, but if the venue doesn't look the way you want it to, it may be harder for you to enjoy the reception. On your decorations list, include tabletop items such as flowers, centerpieces and candles. You may also have other floral arrangements for the floor, as well as streamers and perhaps balloons for the reception area.


Food is an integral part of the wedding reception, and you have many choices when deciding what to serve. Considerations include the heaviness of a meal, its messiness and the overall cost. Once you've decided on the theme of your event, you can create your list comprised of as many courses as you deem necessary. You can have an appetizer, entree and dessert; the dessert role will probably be filled by the wedding cake. Then, consider your drink options. With the food portion of a wedding being so complicated, stressful and time consuming, many brides opt for catering with an open bar, thus eliminating the need for a specific drinks list. If you do opt for a specific beverage menu, keep a checklist of these items, as well.


In order to make sure everybody in the wedding party has the right dresses and tuxedos, make a list of each person who's going to be in the party and each item that needs to be purchased. For the bride, this could be as simple as just the dress, or it could include jewelry, shoes and other accessories. Don't forget the garter belt, and bring extras of certain items, like pantyhose.


You may be purchasing a number of stationery items for the wedding, for instance invitations, programs, banners, signs, stamps, personalized napkins, thank you notes, envelopes and wrapping paper. If you're buying gifts for the wedding party or favors for the guests, add these to the list, as well. Finally, consider giving guests disposable cameras to make their own memories.