List of Ideas for Raffle Baskets

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A raffle is an event where attendees purchase tickets for prize drawings. The proceeds of the event go to charity or to the fund raising efforts of a non-profit. Raffle baskets are the favored giveaway for organizations such as schools, amateur sports teams and local social interest groups. Choosing the contents for the baskets can vary depending on taste, desired presentation, and budget.

Spa Basket

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Spa baskets are popular and inexpensive to make. Most items can be purchased at a dollar or discount store. Fill your basket with bubble bath, pretty soaps, lotion, a loofah and a bath pillow. Wrap the basket with clear cellophane and a matching ribbon.

Movie Night Basket

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Make a home movie night basket by placing microwave popcorn bags, an assortment of candy, two small bottles of soda and a gift certificate for a movie rental in a popcorn bowl.

Summer Fun Basket

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Fill a beach tote bag with two beach towels, some pool toys and a tube of sunscreen. You can also add some snacks like chips or granola bars and juice boxes.

Winter Fun Basket

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Place a fleece blanket, two mugs, hot cocoa or cider packets, a package of cookies and some puzzles in a basket for indoor fun.

Picnic Basket

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In a picnic basket, pack a tablecloth, inexpensive place settings for two to four people, a bottle of sparkling cider, summer sausage, cheese, crackers and a jar of fruit preserves.