Life is Too Short: 11 Foods You Should Eat Right Now

Ashlae Warner for eHow

Life is too short to be carb-hating or calorie counting all the time. Throw caution to the wind and check out these 11 recipes that are just begging to be on your food bucket list.

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11. Barbecue Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots

Miss in the Kitchen

The crispy deep-fried cafeteria favorite takes it up a notch when it gets wrapped in bacon, which, as we all know, makes everything better. (Yes, even tater tots can be improved.)

10. Cream Puff Doughnuts

Spoon Fork Bacon

There’s doughnuts and then there’s these luscious beauties. Is there really much better than mouthwatering pastry cream sandwiched in between sweet fried dough? We think not.

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9. Thomas Keller’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken

The Bitten Word

If you’re gonna make fried chicken, it may as well be Thomas Keller’s version. You're welcome.

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8. Samoa Bundt Cake

Absolute Mavens

Girl Scout Cookie season can last all year with this ooey gooey can’t-have-just-one-bite cake inspired by the oh-so-popular coconut and caramel covered cookies.

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7. Tagliarelle with Truffle Butter

Food Network

The Barefoot Contessa can do no wrong in our book and this decadent pasta tossed with the butter of the gods - truffle butter - is no exception.

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6. Double Chocolate Bundt Cake with Cookie Butter Glaze


If you’re gonna go all out, go all out. Chocolate + Cookies + Butter? Ohhhh yea.

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5. Frito Pie


The good people of Texas were really onto something when they decided to mix Fritos with chili. And the whole eat it out of a Fritos bag part? Genius!

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4. Brown Butter Risotto with Lobster

The Savvy Kitchen

This dish totally screams Fancy Town. It’s like the Warren Buffet of dishes. Seriously. Brown butter, lobster and risotto? Take out that silver spoon and start digging in.

3. Beer and Bacon Mac and Cheese

Simply Delicious

Imagine all the things that are touted as “bad” for you, then mix them all up in this awesomely decadent dish. Grab a spoon and don’t look back.

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2. Crispy Loaded Buffalo Oven Fries

How Sweet it Is

No self-loathing here. This dish is locked, loaded and ready to get in your belly.

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1. Nutella S’Mores Pizza

Men in Hospitality

You had us at Nutella. And s’mores. And pizza.