Least Acidic & Safest Chemical Hair Relaxers

hair care image by Glenn Jenkinson from Fotolia.com

Relaxers chemically alter the natural composition of your hair, breaking down hair follicles and potentially harming its natural growth. Lye-based formulas have been known to permanently damage the hair shaft and also the scalp caused by the main ingredient, sodium hydroxide. Milder and chemical free relaxers have been introduced as an alternative to lye-based formulas.

No-Lye Relaxers

No-lye relaxers don’t contain the ingredient sodium hydroxide, the harsh chemical that can cause serious hair, skin and scalp damage if not used properly. No-lye relaxers use guanidine hydroxide, a less damaging chemical agent, but still not all natural.

No-Lye Effects

No-lye relaxers permanently reshape the hair and modify the hair structure. Excess use of relaxers can cause dry, brittle hair, chemical burns on the skin and scalp and hair loss. Supervision is recommended for best results and proper upkeep.

BodipHier Hair Relaxer System

This system is designed to straighten the hair and add body to it without the damaging effects of chemical relaxers. BodipHier uses an Alkaline Water Formula, penetrating the hair without destroying the cuticle.

BodipHier Effects

The alkaline water permanently softens the hair bonds inside the hair without breaking them down and destroying the bond. The natural curl pattern is loosened and makes the hair straighter, while enriching the hair with vitamins and minerals to restore and condition the hair.

Perm Salt

Perm salts are acid based relaxers containing one of three ingredients; Ammonium Thioglycolate, Sulfate and Bisulfate. Perm salts don't completely break the hair bonds, instead they penetrate the hair cuticle and weaken the bonds.

Perm Salt Effects

Perm salts are a milder method of relaxing the hair, however, they can strip the natural oils and moisture from your hair. The proper use consists of treating your hair once every 3-4 months on the new hair growth closer to the roots. Do not use the perm salt twice on the same area of hair.