What Kind of Mustard Should I Serve With Pigs in a Blanket?

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Snug little pigs in blankets are a hit at any informal gathering. Many people enjoy them straight from platter to mouth, but mustard dipping sauce enlivens them. Mustard varieties abound, and you can doctor them. But your guests' preferences are a matter of taste; if possible, offer a variety of mustard sauces. Otherwise, pick a milder one to hopefully maximize the number of people who like what you serve.

Mulling Over Mustards

Dijon mustard offers a potent but complex flavor with a little kick. It's a good option for spicing up a relatively mild item like pigs in a blanket, but everyone may not appreciate it. Brown or deli mustard is a more middle-of-the-road option, with a robust flavor but less tang than Dijon. Or, stir some honey into Dijon mustard to make your own honey-mustard, a sweeter preparation that goes down easier. For a fancier option, mix cranberry sauce into Dijon. Plain yellow mustard is a suitable option, too, though arguably the least interesting.