How to Keep a Relationship Casual & Fun

MM Productions/Lifesize/Getty Images

Whether you are new to the dating game, just ended a serious relationship or are simply looking for some fun, keeping a relationship casual can sometimes be challenging. Keeping your options open while dating is a great way to get to know new people without experiencing heartache. With the right attitude and open communication, you can have a fun and relaxing connection with someone without saying "I do."

Step 1

Engage in an honest conversation with your new friend about your dating intentions. Being open about your expectations will make the experience more comfortable for both of you. Make the decision together whether you would like to be non-exclusive or exclusive. Have this short discussion in person rather than on the phone, through text messages or on the computer. It will be more polite and sincere.

Step 2

Go on dates that are in public places. Mini-golf courses, bowling alleys, carnivals and bike paths are great places to hang out and don't foster the sense of intimacy that might jeopardize your casual relationship. Consider inviting friends to join you when you meet. Being around other people will keep the atmosphere casual, which will help keep things light and fun.

Step 3

Avoid serious discussions. Instead, focus on common interests and activities. Telling your date about your hobbies, college major and pet lizard is fine, but engaging in deep conversations about past loves can form a connection that may be hard to break in the future.