Inexpensive Thank-You Gifts for Volunteers

When volunteers are gracious enough to give of their time, it is wise to show them just how much you care by giving them a tangible token of your appreciation. If you rely on volunteers, you likely don’t have a large amount of cash to dedicate to the purchasing of these appreciation gifts. This lack of funding, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t show your gratitude. With a bit of creativity, you can create gifts that show your thanks.

Seed Packets

Show your volunteers that you appreciate them helping to “grow your organization” by giving them seed packets. Attach a thank-you note to each seed packet, telling them of your appreciation. This gift is a particularly wise choice if the volunteers helped you out with a garden-related task or if the volunteer activity took place in the spring, as your volunteers will have immediate use for the seeds.


Give your volunteers a place to record their daily thoughts or simply write down tidbits that pop to mind by presenting them with journals. Select a journal that is in some way reflective of your organization. For example, if your volunteers helped you out with a breast-cancer-related event, give them journals with pink ribbons printed on them.


If the work your volunteers completed may have left their hands a bit worse for the wear, get them lotion as a thank you for their effort. Buy each volunteer a bottle of scented lotion. Print out labels featuring your organization logo and containing your message of thanks so every time the recipient pulls out the lotion he remembers the reason the gift was given.


Give a simple gift that your recipients can use to beautify their space by buying them candles. Purchase candles in a color that is in some way related to the organization for which the individuals volunteered. For example, if the organization deals with Eco-friendliness buy green candles. Attach a note to each candle telling the volunteers that their participation in the event really “lit up the night” or “brightened the day.”

Travel Alarm Clock

Select a gift that is thematically reflective of the giving of time by presenting volunteers with travel alarm clocks. Purchase inexpensive plastic alarm clocks for each of your volunteers. Attach a note to each, telling the volunteers how much you appreciated the seconds, minutes and hours they dedicated to your cause.