Ideas for a Romantic Evening Gift Basket

Add some fire to a couple's love life with a gift basket for a romantic evening. Armed with a little knowledge about the couple (or perhaps the gift is for you and your lover!) you can stock a heady assortment of romantic goodies for a night to remember. Follow these strategies to come up with ideas for stocking a romantic gift basket.

Unless the gift is for you and your lover, avoid items such as lingerie, sex toys or any item likely to cause embarrassment.

Movies and Music Set the Mood

A CD of classic romantic songs can be found at retailers for a fraction of the cost of a new release. Look in the special buy section of the store for collections of romantic music.

Pair the CD with a romantic film on DVD or Blu-ray. "Casablanca" with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman is a perennial favorite for couples in love, but don't overlook newer films such as "Love, Actually" or "The Notebook." Try to avoid tearjerkers, since the goal of a romantic gift basket is to spark desire, not an urge to grab a box of tissues.

Food, Wine Whet the Appetite and Stir the Soul

A bottle of wine, an inexpensive corkscrew and a pair of stemmed wineglasses are the perfect additions to a romantic gift basket. Match the wine with an assortment of cheeses that do not require refrigeration (unless you are giving the gift immediately) and a box of quality crackers or thin, sliced bread.

Individually wrapped chocolates can be scattered throughout the basket to sate the couple's sweet tooth.

A beefstick or summer sausage complements a red wine and requires no refrigeration.

Creative Games to Spur Conversation

You can choose from a variety of games that can spark conversation among couples. Many are designed like a deck of cards, with questions printed on one side.

Racy games can be purchased at shops such as Spencer Gifts.

Another option is a compact book on relationships, with ideas for enhancing intimacy, improving communication skills and strengthening the bonds of love.