Ideas on Decorating Flip Flops

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Decorating flip flops with inexpensive craft supplies can transform a boring shoe into a designer original. Decorating flip flops is a creative craft activity for a young girls’ birthday party. Certain decorating techniques can also be a quick way to add visual appeal to a wardrobe. Create a pair of flip flops for each type of summer activity or to mix and match with your summer wardrobe.

Korker Bow Flip Flops

Decorate flip flops with curly bows that resemble korker hair bows. Korker bows are made by curling ribbons into permanent spirals. To make permanent spiral curls, spray 1/4-inch wide to 1-inch wide ribbon strands with fabric stiffener and then wrap them tightly around a 1/2-inch diameter wooden dowel. You can use smaller dowels to make tighter curls. Attach the ribbon to the dowel with wooden clothes pins on each end and then bake them in a 275 degree oven. It takes between 15 and 25 minutes to set the permanent curl in the ribbon. Make seven to ten curly ribbon spirals, bundle them together and tie a thin ribbon or string around the center. Glue the curly ribbon pom-pom to the top of the flip flops with a glue gun.

Rhinestone Encrusted Flip Flops

Add a touch of glamour to plain flip flops by attaching flat backed rhinestones to the straps and around the edges. Attach the rhinestones to the flops with viscous craft glue or hot glue. Look for high-end rhinestones made from the finest crystal or faceted plastic rhinestones at craft stores and online retailers to decorate your flip flops.

Fluffy Ribbon Flip Flops

Tie bits of thin ribbon side-by-side across the straps of your flip flops to make fluffy ribbon flops. Cut 1/4- to 1/2-inch wide ribbon into 4-inch long strips. Mix and match the ribbon widths and patterns to create an eclectic design, or use one size and one color for a uniform display. Tie each ribbon strip around the straps using a double overhand knot. Leave the loose ends of the ribbon facing up to create a fluffy look.

Flower Power Flip Flops

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One of the simplest ways to transform plain flip flops into custom designer footwear is to glue a silk flower blossom to the top center of each shoe. Cut a large, flat silk flower such as a daisy, pansy or sunflower from the stem with wire cutters. Glue the flower to the flops with hot glue.