Ideas for Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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Christmas is the season to be jolly, and fun with ugly Christmas sweaters fits right in with the merriment. Enjoy the season by using imaginative ideas and innovation to find inner beauty in ugly sweaters. Not only does recycling the sweaters give back to the environment and the economy, it provides avenues for raising money for charities, celebrating family memories, and creating items and decorations.

Keep It In the Family

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Give the same ugly sweater to a different family member each year. The recipient from the previous year must add or remove an embellishment and write a note about a special event during that year. Keep the notes with the sweater and ask individual family members to record a statement each time the sweater is given.

Raise Money for Charity

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You can use ugly sweaters to support your favorite charity by hosting an ugly sweater contest for your workplace or community club. Set a monetary amount as an entry fee and require each person to buy a sweater from the local thrift store. When the contest is over, ask all participants to donate their sweaters back to the thrift store. Donate the money from the entry fees to a charitable cause.

Make a Sweater for Your Small Dog

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Re-purpose acrylic or cotton, ribbed-cuff, Christmas sweaters into sweaters for small dogs. Measure the small dog from neck to tail, then cut off the ribbed-cuffed sleeves by this measurement. Cut holes in the under part of the sleeve for the dog's front legs and hem the end of the dog's sweater to deck Fido out for the holiday.

Make Christmas Ornaments

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Felt wool Christmas sweaters and use the resulting fabric to make Christmas ornaments. Cut the sweater apart at the seams. Place the pieces in a zippered pillowcase, machine wash them in hot water and dry them. Place holiday cookie cutters on the felted wool, trace around them with a fabric marker and cut out the shapes. Embellish each ornament with glitter, sequins and bows. Hook an ornament hanger through the felt and display the creations on your tree.