Ideas for Graduation Gifts for an Elementary Graduate Images

Graduation is a rite of passage. The move from elementary school to high school is one of the many rungs in a ladder leading to adulthood. Just as kindergarten preceded elementary school, junior high, high school and college follows it. Mark his first steps on those rungs to success using ideas for graduation gifts for an elementary graduate.

Inspirational, Funny and Devotional Books

Books are traditional and lasting graduation gifts, as they inspire and urge students on to great achievements. Graduation book gifts are there, sitting on a shelf, waiting to be re-read when difficulties arise, stamina is low and determination becomes weak. Good examples of these books include the Bible or the relevant spiritual text for any particular student’s faith, and even humorous books such as Dr. Seuss's “Oh, the Places You'll Go!” Suitable selections gently but firmly guide students on the right path. In the end, the best choice of a graduation book is whatever speaks most clearly to the student on their own level.

A “Keep in Contact” Address Book

Students leaving behind friends and family members and moving to junior or middle school are comforted by the thought of maintaining contacts with old classmates. Give the thoughtful elementary school graduation gift of an address book full of the telephone numbers, email addresses and street addresses of the important people in their lives. This gift encourages students to maintain good links with the past while moving into their futures. Glancing through an attractive address book also reminds students to maintain open lines of communication with family members, such as grandparents, and previous teachers who are all anxious for news of their student’s recent achievements.

Achievement Album

Students moving on to a much larger school occasionally feel lost and insignificant in the midst of a new school with hundreds more pupils. Give the kind gift of a photograph album containing pictures of the student’s achievements to date. These include their roles in the school band, sports team successes, photographs taken on stage during theatrical productions and shots of their home study group. This album encapsulates the elementary school experience and preserves valuable memories for the future of the elementary school graduate.

New School Kit

A school bag containing supplies for the coming high school year is an inexpensive elementary school graduation gift for a student. Include a notepad, pens, an organizer or year planner, desk accessories and a small folding umbrella or packable raincoat and pack all the contents into a new school bag for the new beginning. This ritualistic shedding of the older and less desirable, or even outgrown elementary school bags and equipment marks a change in the student’s life and encourages them to welcome changes in their lives.