Ideas for Displaying Food on a Table for a Wedding

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A wedding reception features a variety of foods. It can include fruit, vegetables, cheese and crackers, hot appetizers, the main entrees, and dessert. Food can look overwhelming just plopped down on a table and can become unorganized when the guests are getting their food. You will want to arrange the food in an eye-pleasing and organized fashion that gives off elegance and taste.


Appetizers featuring fruits, vegetables, cheese and crackers should be arranged beautifully on a table. Use silver platters and arrange them in an interesting manner. You can cut the fruits and vegetables into different shapes and arrange them along with flowers or greenery for an enhanced look. Keep the fruit and vegetable trays separate. The cheeses can be arranged in a circular shape with the variety of different cheeses spread out on the silver platter. Have the crackers in the middle of the cheeses. Spread these out on an obvious table at the reception so guests can enjoy these healthy and light snacks before the reception begins.

Hot Appetizers

Hot appetizers or finger foods are becoming a staple at wedding receptions. They contrast deliciously with the light fruits, vegetables and cheeses. Some of these hot appetizers or finger foods include mini cheeseburgers, Swedish meatballs, spring rolls, stuffed mushrooms, and bacon-wrapped scallops. These delicious delights look attractive placed on raised silver platters. By using risers underneath the tablecloth, the platters of hot appetizers are placed at a prominent vantage point.


The classiest way to display entrees is through different stations. Depending on what you are serving at the reception, the specific stations can prominently display the food and how you specifically want it served. There can be a meat carving station, a chicken station, seafood station, or pasta station. A station of side dishes ranging from potatoes to salad can also be used. Decorate these stations by using the colors and themes of the wedding through bows, ribbons or centerpieces. This also keeps the reception organized as people can go to the stations they specifically desire instead of waiting in line.


The cake is an important part of the reception, but so are the other desserts. Having a specific dessert table separate from the cake is delightful for guests of all ages. This is where cookies, pies and other sweet treats can be displayed. Decorate the dessert table by displaying bowls and jars of candy, which the kids will love. Guests can take home cookies, candy and more by having plates and favor bags in the colors of the wedding available on the table. This table should be colorful and decorative with bows, ribbons and a centerpiece.