Ideas for Community Events

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Community events come in many varieties with many different purposes. Businesses may use community events to spread the news about their services and bring in new customers. Community service organizations may provide necessary services to the disadvantaged or encourage residents to get involved in the community. Community events may also highlight local historical information, celebrate holidays or simply bring people together. Regardless of the purpose or the sponsor, involvement in community events can benefit all involved.

Wellness Fairs

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In many communities, health professionals may provide a mix of healthcare options from traditional medicine and modern medical doctors and hospitals to alternative practices. Invite professionals from all areas of the spectrum to come together and present a community wellness fair. Practitioners may provide a variety of free screening services, for-fee services and seminars on a variety of health-related topics. Practitioners may also sponsor the event as a way to improve community health and foster cooperation among various local professionals. Attendees may discover options in care of which they were previously unaware.

History Events

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Government, school, municipal services, the chamber of commerce and historical authorities may team together to sponsor a community event that celebrates local history. Schools may invite students to create posters and displays that highlight various historical facts like the town founders, town celebrities and any famous events in its past. The town may invite celebrities who grew up in the area to perform at the event in concerts, talks, plays, and/or literary readings. Local restaurants may set up booths and provide food for attendees. Other area businesses may also desire to have displays that showcase their products or services.

Holiday Celebrations

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Community members can come together to celebrate a variety of holidays and share holiday traditions. Fourth of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and various December holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice and New Year's Eve are only a few options for community holiday celebrations. Diverse cultures can present traditional celebrations and events to provide education and opportunities to promote diversity and acceptance. Local retail businesses can support the event by decorating their stores and offering holiday incentives. Students can decorate flyers and holiday displays, presenting information on holiday-related topics.

Artistic Support

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Local artists and artisans can come together to sponsor and support an art fair. Area crafters can present samples of their work, teach classes on various art mediums and provide opportunities for local residents to buy items. Libraries may offer space to display craft items and encourage patrons to read more about them. Teachers may invite local artists to make presentations to classrooms or larger educational groups.