Jobs That Allow Piercings

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Although each workplace has a different culture, there are definitely industries that are more tolerant of unconventional fashion statements such as piercings, tattoos and fauxhawks. In general, the more conservative the industry the more rigid the dress code and the less likely the management is to allow piercings. There are exceptions to this, however, so don't entirely rule out corporate America in your job search.

Independently Owned Businesses

If you have multiple body modifications, one option is to look for work at a progressive, locally owned business that is open to self expression. Music and book stores, trendy clothing stores and tattoo parlors are examples of businesses with a reputation for celebrating individuality, as are metropolitan bars and hip local restaurants. The next time you visit your favorite local business, keep your eyes open for workers with piercings or tattoos--this may be a piercing-friendly workplace.

Large Corporations That Allow Piercings

Sure, you expect your local tattoo parlor to hire people with piercings but what about a major auto manufacturer? Ford Motor Company does, in fact, allow employees to have piercings, provided they don't interfere with worker safety. Borders Books is another national chain that encourages self-expression in its employees, and that includes allowing piercings.

Places to Avoid

Businesses that require employees to wear suits and ties are generally less hospitable to employees with piercings. Banks and large corporate law firms are two examples. If you're interested in employment at a more conservative business, it's worth making a quick call to its human resources office to learn its policy. Also decide if you would consider removing or masking your piercing while at work.

Online Database

The Modified Mind is a website that offers information and links of interest to individuals with piercings. The site includes a section called "Employment Line" that lists the piercing policies of a wide variety of businesses sent in by site users and business owners. The site lists information for ear piercings, face piercings, tattoos and hair color.