How to Whisk Flour

by Amy Lukavics

Whisks are a must-have in any cook's kitchen.

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If you need to evenly mix dry ingredients into your flour, using a whisk is a great way to ensure the flour will get mixed while remaining light and unpacked. Fluffing the flour with the whisk will also make it easily mix into the wet ingredients later, without forming lumps of compressed powder. If you are using a recipe that calls for sifted flour but you don't have a sifter, a whisk will allow you to get the job done.The technique takes seconds and will allow you to mix the ingredients as quickly as you add them.

Pour the measured amount of flour into a mixing bowl.

Add any additional dry ingredients or leavening agents to the flour if you are using them.

Scrape the flour around the bowl using a wire whisk. Make quick, swishing motions to mix the flour and fluff it. If you are mixing the flour with other dry ingredients, whisk the flour for only a few seconds. If you are using the whisk to substitute a flour sifter, whisk it for about 30 seconds.

Use the flour in the recipe as usual.

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